Business Plan Checklist

Here is a suggested checklist of contents you should have in your business plan. Following this checklist will ensure you include all the information needed to assess, guide, and manage your RE project.

  • Profile and history of the organization
  • Description and history of the technology
  • Business model (ownership and responsibilities)
  • The organizations Vision / Mission / Values and Goals statements
  • History of the project and future plans
  • Industry profile (the projected market and marketability)
  • Energy Market analysis (who will buy the power)
  • Risk analysis
  • Financial Planning (costs, revenues and financing)
  • Sensitivity cost analysis
  • Long-term outlook and expansion opportunities
  • Case studies (local and abroad) showing success with the model
  • List of government, tax and other incentives to support the business
  • Fuel study results (assessment of renewable energy resource)
    • Summary of studies addressing environmental and other concerns
    • Operation plans: Daily operation plan and Maintenance plan