How Can We Structure Our RE Project?


Now that you have considered the benefits your region might receive from a RE project, you can proceed to clustering your communities. In this downloadable example document you will notice the communities have been clustered based on geography. You might be able to cluster your communities based around other factors.


Having created your clusters, you are now ready to develop a more formal and methodical assessment of each community’ state of readiness. You can do that by scoring each community against various topics. You should also assess each RE source to determine which are most applicable to your region and individual communities.

Download the example worksheet provided here to see how easy it is to perform these assessments.

Once you have completed your assessments, your should be able to produce graphical representations overlaying each of your assessments. For example, a map can show each community’s state of readiness for each form of identified RE source.


Wind Energy

Solar Energy

Geothermal Energy